Kanika Kapoor may face murder case, high load corona virus found in Bollywood singer

Due to his negligence, many people may face a murder case against Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor, who is at risk of fatal disease like Corona virus. According to the information, Kanika Kapoor made a huge mistake of hiding the corona warrior, it is no longer cooperating in the investigation. Now in Lucknow, police officials are being quoted saying that if a person gets corona virus due to the negligence of Kanika Kapoor and he dies, then a case of murder against Singer can also be carried out. Kanika Kapoor is currently admitted to Lucknow’s PGI where her condition remains stable.

Kanika Kapoor gets high load corona virus

Investigation has revealed that Kanika Kapoor has a high load corona virus. His second report has also come negative. Let us tell you, Kanika Kapoor had reached Lucknow from London, but she somehow escaped instead of getting screened here. He then took part in many events including the Holi Party.

The names of celebrities in their parties were revealed after the corona virus was confirmed in Kanika Kapoor. It included former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, her MP son Dushyant, Dushyant’s son and wife, Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh, TMC MP Derek O’Brien etc. However, all these reports have come negative.

Kanika Kapoor is not cooperating in investigation and treatment

Kanika Kapoor is accused of not cooperating in the investigation and treatment. Two cases have been filed against him after being exposed for negligence. At the same time, the government is also investigating this aspect why Kanika Kapoor was not investigated at the airport. At the same time, how Kanika Kapoor’s parties were organized even after the ban, is also being investigated.

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