Sunil Grover shared difficult moments of life

          Sunil Grover shared difficult moments of life

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Sunil grover

Comedian and actor Sunil grover People have been laughing with their witty style for a long time, but they recently revealed the emotional and difficult moments of their life. He said that comedians are like the rest of the people, their life also has its ups and downs.

Sunil told IANS, “The most important thing is to learn from each experience. I have seen my father struggling every day to fulfill his dreams and he has also taught me to never be with myself leave.”

He added, “When I was struggling in the industry, I came to know that there are many people like me here who were ‘superstars’ of their city and ‘struggling’ here (in Mumbai). But I myself Kept calm and believed in myself. I tried to reach people for work in the industry. Soon I started getting work and realized how lucky I was. “

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