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Dabangg 3 review: Salman Khan’s film disappointed, half a dozen songs ate the story

Dabangg 3 can only be seen for Salman Khan and only then go. If you can afford Salman Khan for three-and-a-half hours, then only buy such an expensive ticket, otherwise it is the weakest of all the ‘Dabangg’ films so far. The trend you get from this film is towards a falling level. The best was ‘Dabangg’, then ‘Dabangg 2’ was weak. Now Dabangg 3 is extremely bad. This film has neither story, nor script … There are stories from the 70s which have nothing to do with today. They should be restricted to Chulbul Pandey.

This time the story has been fabricated by holding an old tip. This time Panga is private, the general public is far from it and only Chulbul Pandey is getting entangled with Bali Singh. What is worth seeing in this film is Bali Singh i.e. Kicha Sudeep. Sudeep also acts and has a role. She is heavy on Salman Khan in every scene. But his goodness is not enough to like this film.

Fakeness dominates badly in the film. This time Salman Khan’s father is also fake, i.e. Vinod Khanna is not. The director did not bother to find a kind of artist. Vinod Khanna’s brother is taken only because the face is found, two scenes have not been done in the same manner. Not one such artist is in this film. Salman Khan has given work to many unemployed.

This is Sai Manjrekar’s first film, and he is Salman Khan’s first love. In Dabangg 3, every secret has been opened as if a biography of a great figure is being presented… He came here… He was washed in this wash basin… He was bathed in this bathroom. Now who can tell them that ‘Chulbul Pandey’ is a great character for Salman Khan only and only … We like him only mean by entertainment then he should play Chulbul or Radhe. And that entertainment is missing here

Here only three dozen bad artists, half a dozen weak songs and two dozen bad scenes. If you are not tempted more than Salman Khan, then ‘Dabangg 3’ should not be turned. If you have not seen ‘Mardaani 2’ released last week, then check it out.

– Sudeep Mishra

Posted By: Sudeep mishra

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