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Jawaani Jaaneman Review: DNA feeds Gul in this story, makes fun situation

Jawaani Jaaneman Review: In Hindi films, the father-daughter relationship has been shown many times but it was always filmed in a sunny and serious manner. Movies made in almost every way on the beautiful relationship between father and daughter are made in almost every way, but this week’s ‘Jawani Jaanman’ has a different style, which was never seen in Indian cinema. The whole story is about Jassi, ie Jazz (Saif Ali Khan), who lives in London. There is only and only Ayyashi in Jassi’s life. Partying overnight, then bringing a girl home from the same party has become her rule. He is very old in age but is not married because he wants to avoid responsibility.

One day Tia comes into his life who says that maybe he is her father. Tia advises him to undergo a DNA test, for which jazz is rarely accepted. The same DNA report proves Piya’s father. Then you have to see ‘Jawani Jaanman’ to see what happens.

Nitin Kakkar is its director. Nitin has presented this story well. Instead of making the story more emotional, it is narrated in a lighter way. He has worked hard on every scene.

Talking about acting, Saif Ali Khan has once again experimented with himself and this time he has got a very interesting character. The good thing is that Saif completely dissolves in all types of rolls. Ala F has played ‘Teeya’, Jinti is the first film. Alaaa fits perfectly in this role and nowhere seems that this is her first film. There will be a lot of hope from Alaya in the future.

Chunky Pandey, Kumud Mishra, Farida Jalal will also be seen in this film. There are also tabu in a small roll. This film is of today’s era and is very funny. Emotional will do it but in a different way, once experience is formed.

Posted By: Sudeep mishra

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