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Bigg Boss Schockig Facts: BB’s house is also ‘Chhupa Rustom’, it is not the contestants but the entire staff for cleaning

Bigg Boss Schockig Facts include such things that you will not know on TV. These facts may also change the way you view your show!

Bigg Boss Schockig Facts: BB's house is also 'Chhupa Rustom', it is not the contestants but the entire staff for cleaning

Bigg Boss Schockig Facts: BB’s house is also ‘Chhupa Rustom’, it is not the contestants but the entire staff for cleaning

Bigg Boss Shocking Facts: Big Boss Everyone wants to know what happens at (Bigg Boss) house, but people get to know as much as is shown on TV. But today in our special report we will tell you Big Boss Some things related to which you will go to the square knowing. Everybody knows that every week, Bigg Boss’s house delivers their clothes for celebrities, there are separate zones for smoking area which are not telecast. Cameras are installed behind all the glass in the house.

Apart from all these, now we will tell you that there is no clock at the house of Bigg Boss, due to which many times, the contestants make it 4:00 pm for lunch. Also, because Bigg Boss house is always around nature, there are forests around it so there are lots of germs also. Some pictures of Jin are also included on social media and many times he has seen snake coming in the house.

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It is forbidden to carry any kind of book in Bigg Boss. Even Ramayana, Gita or Bible. If a contestant has to read these books, then these books are delivered to the house by Big Boss himself. Bigg Boss Signing Amount is half a million rupees and gradually this amount keeps increasing every week. If a contestant has to leave the show in the middle, then he has to pay a fine of two crore rupees to Bigg Boss. The most surprising thing is that alcohol also goes in packets of fruit juice at Bigg Boss house, however, it is very small.

We have often seen fights over cleanliness at Bigg Boss house and this year Salman himself came down to cleanliness. But, let us tell you that Bigg Boss’s house is very big and cleaning it is not just a matter of contests. That is why once a week the staff of Bigg Boss come and clean the house.


Vindu became the winner of Dara Singh at the age of 41, who is the oldest Bigg Boss winner ever and the youngest was Gautam Gulati. Remember Bigg Boss 4 came to Khali, he is given ₹ 50 lakhs every week. At the same time, Pamela Anderson was also a part of the show in Bigg Boss 4 and you will be shocked to know that she was being given two and a half crores every day, now what to tell about Salman’s fees, which starts from 11 crores and This is the price of each of his episodes.

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Bigg Boss is about to end and everyone is waiting for its finale. You will soon find out who will win Siddharth Shukla, Rashmi Desai, Shahnaz Gill, Aseem Riaz and Aarti Singh!

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